At Gulfood Manufacturing 2023, we met TTC Foods Co., Ltd, a trading company that promotes and introduces an instant noodle-making plant from Japan. TTC Foods Co., Ltd. provides a total production line for Instant noodles. This time, they introduced FUJI MANUFACTURING, ASAHI KINZOKU, TOKIWA KOGYO, YUHARA ENGINEERING, and OKURA as their cooperators and called it “ONE TEAM.”

The company also introduced a Non-soaking soymilk production plant. This is a very unique and high-technology system from Japan. Also, they present their other face as a food manufacturer, being one of the biggest red bean paste (ANKO) manufacturers in the world. ANKO is one of the traditional Japanese sweets and has various applications in Sweets, Confectionery, Bakery, Ice cream, Beverages, and so on.