Inoxveneta is a highly specialized company in the processing of stainless steel sheets with a long and robust experience, serving many world class customers in different industries (from machineries to automotive and others more).

Here at its booth, at the Drinktec fair, you can watch at some examples of its aseptic pressure vessels for the storage of liquids undergoing sterilisation treatment, as well as the full range by the business brand “Compex” of stainless steel enclosures for electrical panels: modular and compact cabinets, enclosures, junction boxes and much more.

In 50 years of activity, Inoxveneta has always been the bearer of innovations in the field of stainless steel processing. For more than 10 years it has been the reference in innovative steel forming techniques by means of hydroforming, a special technology with several great advantages, which consists in giving shape to the metal with the pressure of water, appropriately managed with special molds.

Moreover, in addition to metal forming, Inoxveneta manages 3D laser cutting, robotic welding and many other technologies for processing stainless steel. The Inoxveneta headquarters are located 40 km north of Venice. In two factories in Italy and one in Poland, near Breslau, it employs a total of 130 people.

Being present at this important fair in Munich will allow the company to illustrate its approach for tailor made projects, starting from co-design for the product development to the quality assurance for product delivery. What is immediately evident is that stainless steel has no secrets for Inoxveneta: an extraordinary degree of finish proves it. The obtainable roughness degree is less than 4 microns.

Furthermore, the cabinets can be customized at high levels, with the aim of maintaining the European and North American certifications obtained for the products in the catalog. A production model that manages to engraft innovation into the customer’s processes: in Inoxveneta, being strict and impeccable aims to make the advantages felt over time – and constantly – helping to improve attractiveness within the reference markets.