We believe, flavor and fragrance is an international language, and represents culture and identity of nations. ,So :
Magnolia by taking advantage of the learned, committed, and qualified young Iranian experts, the world leading technologies, the best raw materials and packaging supplies in manufacturing and packaging of its products, and relying on organization agility and meeting customer demands in the shortest possible time, in addition to providing effective support from related industries, tries to produce such products derived from Iranian culture with best quality and price, and making them available to all consumers without any discrimination. Also, Magnolia with social responsibility and emphasizing on retaining and developing qualified human resources, increasing and diversifying products and developing the domestic and export markets, in addition to honoring its customers and employees tries to satisfy shareholders and stakeholders of the organization.


✓ Achieve and retain the highest domestic market share with a complete portfolio of products.
✓ Increase the brand’s influence in world trade until becoming to one of the world’s top 10 flavor exporters, so can distribute its high quality products to all people all over the world.
✓ Backed by expert human resources, the best technologies and the most up to date related sciences can be introduced as one of the flavor and fragrance knowledge owners and manufacturers in the world.
✓ By retaining a constant and continuous improvement of the quality and diversity in products, become to one of the most worthy brands for end users.

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