This automatic machine cuts various fruit (apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, persimmons, oranges with skin, kiwis, pineapples) into ring-slices and cores them if required. It is therefore perfectly suitable for preparing fruit for drying and for producing fruit slices for the confectionery and baking industry, for fresh fruit salads, for the snacks industry or for fruit preserves. The machine is equipped with an automatic orienting system, allowing automatic fruit alignment inside the tray hollows. In the slicing section, a sharp and precise cut, which does not affect organoleptic qualities, guarantees maximum hygiene and healthy products. Sliced fruit is discharged through a chute and then, if need be, onto a belt to be automatically transferred to next inline machine.

– Automatic feeding system
– Automatic orienting system
– Easy to use and to maintain
– Adjustable coring diameter
– Adjustable thickness of slices
– Capacity: 40 fruits/min