At FRUITLOGISTICA 2023, PND Srl presented their latest design of PLM8 model peeling machine that is very dedicated to #mango processing. PLM8 is designed to reach a production capacity of up to 112 fruits/min.

The PLM model #peelingmachines are dedicated to mango and #kiwi peeling. They are machines entirely built in stainless steel and materials compliant with food standards. PLMs can be configured with 4, 6 or 8 peeling heads depending on the customer’s production capacity.

The PLM machines are able to peel any diversity of fruit shape and size as they are equipped with a peeling system designed to obtain the maximum product yield. All the machines are electrically powered by speed-adjustable motors and by pneumatic systems which are also easily adjustable to obtain the maximum in terms of quality. The fruit is loaded into the machine manually by simply inserting the fruit into the appropriate slots. PLM machines are easy to maintain and sanitize; all consumable spare parts and all routine maintenance components are always available in a short time.