HQQ Machinery Co., Ltd. is focus on manufacturing and marketing various types of packaging machinery professionally, products in the market leading position, with a group of high-level, high-quality personnel, professional R & D team, making the production and sales for different packaging machinery.

We have more than and 20 kinds of products lines, products with advanced technology, using foreign brand appliances, equipment widely used in food, beverage, chemical cleaning, daily necessities, medicine, pesticide and other industries, the product best-selling domestic and foreign markets, trusted by the users.

Our company faith is to be reliable, pragmatic and innovative, with artisan spirit oriented. And company purpose is to make assured equipment, be the respected enterprises in our industry, meeting the requirements of various customers, providing the most cost-effective packaging solutions to help customers achieve the great transformation from traditional packaging way to modern packaging way, and to make the dream become possible !

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